Ricky Parent

Ricky Parent

September 5, 1963 - October 27, 2007

This Website Is In Honor Of Ricky Parent Who Was A Gifted And Talented Musician.  He Was Also A Wonderful Son, Brother, Father and Friend.

About Ricky

Ricky Parent was born on September 5 in Passaic, New Jersey. His childhood years he lived in New Jersey & New York. He was about 5 years old when realized his love for the drums. He heard a marching band playing down the street while he was playing football and the next thing he knew he was following the drum sound. He banged on pots and pans until he started drum lessons, mainly learning from records, radio and drum clinics. His first kit was a Mickey Mouse drum set that he quickly destroyed. He later got a real Del Ray (covered in black contact paper), with cymbals and snare.


Enuff Z’ Nuff band member 1992 - 2004.  

Other bands prior to Enuff Z’Nuff:  


Recorded with Steve Thompson in Switzerland. War & Peace with Jeff Pilson from Dokken and Tommy Hendrickson. Sass Jordan, Alice Cooper, Tod Howarth from Frehley’s Comet and recorded with Vince Neil.  Ricky was living in California when he heard that Vikki Fox was leaving the band. The band Ricky was playing in (War & Peace) had just broken up. He was playing with Paul Gilbert in a fun jam band around Los Angeles. Paul knew Chip and gave Ricky his number. 


Major influences:

"My main influence is probably John Bonham, but I’ve gone through a bunch of phases from jazz Buddy Rich, Tony Williams, etc. Progressive Rock Terry Bozzio, Simon Phillips to Ringo to Ansley Dunbar, etc pretty much listened with an open mind soaking up what I admired and working it into my own. "


Bands that were major influences:

Led Zepplin, Black Sabbath, Aerosmith


Drummers that were major influences:

John Bonham, Ringo Starr, Bill Ward, Keith Moon, Neil Peart, Simon Phillips, Terry Bozzio


Ricky has to be seen live to appreciate the power of his drumming. Donnie said that he has to play on 10 because of how hard he plays. Ricky is amazing on that stage. He has this amazing way of becoming part of the music, and playing his heart out. He has a glowing smile, and has a way of making each person think that he is playing just for them. He is truly gifted, and his love for the music shines through.


Ricky's bio written in 2001 by Sue Rikli for EZNexpress.com


In March of 2004 Ricky was diagnosed with cancer.  He fought a long, hard battle and was even cancer free for awhile.  But in Spring of 2007 the cancer came back in full force, and his body just couldn't fight anymore. 

Ricky lives on through his music and through all of us that were blessed to know him.    He was truely a gift from heaven.

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